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The following services are offered here at OC Armory.

Transfer Fees:
$45 + DROS* Fees5.00
Private Party Tranfers (PPT)
$10 + DROS* Fees
$55 + DROS* Fees
Stripped Recievers
$35 + DROS* Fees

NFA Transfers

$100 + DROS* Fees
Sales tax is not included in the price of the transfer. As of a November 2011 BOE opinion letter, firearm retailers are required to collect sales tax on transfers from out of state retailers that do not collect CA sales tax. While we do not agree with this letter we are forced to comply with it. Please direct any complaints to your local Board of Equalization office.
Gunsmith Services:  

Pistol Cleaning


Rifle Cleaning

Additional services charged by job. Quote?  
*DROS stands for Dealer Record of Sale. This is a state fee, and the charge is $25.